Keithly Mountain

In 2017, the Company acquired by staking a 2,111 hectare property in the Cariboo goldfields, in central British Columbia called Keithly Mountain. Subsequent to a first pass program in 2017, the property was reduced to 1485.84 hectares of Lode claims.  It is easily accessible through an existing network of logging roads and is located approximately 20 kilometres north of the town of Likely, BC.

While the geology of the region is widely known to be prospective for commodities such as gold, copper and nickel, the focus of exploration is for nephrite Jade of which there are historical showings and reports in the area. The property covers approximately 6.5 kilometres of strike length along a favourable package of metamorphosed serpentinites and sediments, with significant thrust faulting, all elements which are critical in the formation of Jade.

A first pass reconnaissance program at Keithly in July 2017 confirmed extensive areas of locally subcropping to outcropping serpentinized ultramafic rocks, which are typical hosts to nephrite jade deposits in British Colombia.  In addition, numerous zones of fibrous secondary riebeckite (asbestos) mineralization were found in-situ within the serpentinized units, confirming the potential of the property to host nephrite jade as these asbestos veins are often associated with some of the larger jade deposits in BC.

The project remains a valid target for further work, which will be assigned as warranted in the context of progress on the Company’s other projects.

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