Jade Fields, Wyoming, USA

Jade Leader Corp. is pleased to announce that it has entered the historical jade fields of Wyoming through the acquisition by staking of more than 50 Mineral Lode Claims covering in excess of 1,035 acres (419 hectares).  The claims cover 4 distinct contiguous blocks in areas where field work found geology favorable for jade formation. This includes abundant nephrite jade float, subcrop and in-situ jade occurrences as well as many numerous small-scale historical production pits.   All of the new ground is on public lands administered by the Bureau of Land Management. None of this historically productive jade-bearing area has been previously evaluated using modern day jade-genesis concepts or exploration technologies.


In addition to staking, the Company has entered into an Option Agreement to acquire a 100% interest in an existing Lode Claim (20.7 acres/9 has) with extensive nephrite jade exposed in hand dug pits and small trenches. The Agreement allows the Company to buy a 100% interest in the claim, subject to certain royalties, over a period of 2 years.  The first year’s Option payment has been made to the vendor. This claim has also never been evaluated using today’s understanding of jade genesis.


“As one of the first public Companies to appreciate the scale of the Nephrite Jade market in Asia following  China’s return to its traditional appetite for this most desirable stone, we are putting our first-mover advantage and in-house expertise to assemble the most prospective jade land position in North America”, stated J.P. Jutras, P.Geol,  Jade Leader President and CEO  “These latest acquisitions, on which we have  already identified or confirmed  nephrite Jade occurrences in widespread outcrops give the Company an extensive portfolio of jade exploration opportunities in multiple jurisdictions for on-going evaluation.”


These acquisitions are the outcome of over a year of background research and 4 weeks of field work including prospecting, mapping and mechanized sampling completed in June.  Geologists collected some 62 samples of various jade types, colors and textures as well as their associated host rocks, which are currently being evaluated to confirm mineralogy, texture, translucency and general workability as ornamental, carving or gem material.


As the Company will advance these newly acquired Wyoming properties through continued laboratory testing, analysis and field exploration work.  Updates will be posted as exploration milestones are achieved.

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