DJ Project

The DJ project is the Company‚Äôs  first project where extensive Jade occurrences have now been outlined at surface, containing 4 different classes of nephrite jade including  ornamental material, carving/jewelry grade jade, near gem to gem quality material and chatoyant nephrite (Video companion: Jades of the DJ project).

The Company announced the acquisition of the DJ Jade project, in Washington State, USA, on August 28, 2017, through a combination of an Option Agreement and staking. 

The property consists of Lode Claims covering an area of slightly more than 140 hectares, which originally was known to host 3 small, isolated historic nephrite jade occurrences. 

From August to October of 2017, the Company conducted reconnaissance prospecting, detailed geological mapping, preliminary ground geophysics, and trenching and mechanized sampling.  Subsequently, samples representing the various Jade types present on site were examined, classified, then cut and polished in a suite of samples representative of the various materials found.

Surface mapping outlined two significant Jade bearing structures, Lode 1 and Lode 2.  Lode 1 has been outlined by tracing intermittent outcrops and subcrops over a strike length in excess of 140 meters, remaining open in all directions.  Widths of the in-situ Jade occurrence, when exposed, vary between 0.5 to 1.5+ meters, within a Jade hosting structure that appears to be potentially locally up to 10 meters in width.

Lode 2 has been hand trenched and fully exposed at surface in 2 sections, respectively 11.2 meters and 8 meters in length, with outcrop widths varying between 0.2 to 0.5 meters (southern section) to 1meter+ (north section).  These two sections are part of a jade bearing structure identified by mapping and intermittent outcrop with in excess of 50 meters of strike length to date. 

Lode 1 and 2 at the DJ project are now considered to be drill ready and the Company is moving forward with steps required for the permitting of an initial drill program with the relevant authorities.  The drill program will be testing the systems for continuity, extent; depth and width of the jade present as well as provide important information with regards to the distribution of the various Jade classes within the system.

The portion of the claims under option require a total of USD $86,000 in property payments (USD $6,000 of which has been paid for the first year) and staged work commitment of USD $80,000 over 4 years in order for the Company to earn 100% of the mineral rights associated with those claims, subject to certain royalties.  Additional claims staked around the initial claims optioned fall within an area of mutual interest, and are considered part of the original Option Agreement.

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