Jade Leader Corp. is a mineral exploration company focused on the acquisition and exploration of early stage Jade projects across North America. The Company is led in its efforts by Jean-Pierre Jutras, B.Sc Hons Geology, P.Geol, a proven explorationist with a decades long track record of significant discoveries in the resource sector, as well as an internationally recognized Jade and gemstone carving artist. The Company’s Board of Directors provide decades of insight from successful explorationists in the industry, with multinational experience, numerous credited mineral deposit discoveries, and a proven ability to raise capital for its projects of merit.

Company personnel’s experience in China, including competing as an award winning Jade and Gemstone carver in one of China’s largest competitions (Zi Gang Bei International Competition) and subsequently travelling extensively in China to visit large Jade carving centers and evaluating the Jade space has made it clear that there was a tremendous opportunity for an exploration Company with the proper skill set to make significant headway in the Jade space. 

As there has been very little new exploration done using modern day techniques for this particular commodity, and with a dramatic increase in both the demand for and the value of the Jade itself over the last 10 years, we see an excellent opportunity to deploy the Jade Leader technical team in this underdeveloped space.  As the few known small scale historical remaining deposits are being rapidly depleted to meet an ever rising demand, we see a significant opportunity in identifying the much needed Jade projects and resource bases of the future, and have begun the process in earnest in 2017 with the acquisition and first pass evaluation our leading DJ project in the NW United States.

While Jade deposits do generally occur within geological terranes that are also typically prospective for such other commodities as gold, copper and nickel, our focus going forward will remain on identifying prospective geological environments where an early stage package of properties can be acquired and rapidly evaluated at surface for the potential of further developing ultimately marketable Jade resources. 

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